The World's First Power-Supplied Trolling Motor Quick Release Bracket

Time on the water is what all anglers live for and there is nothing worse then having an issue with your trolling motor system when you are out fishing. Power Pux is the most practical and simple solution for delivering power to your trolling motor. What does that mean for anglers? Safe, reliable performance and more time chasing fish!

What is Power Pux?

Power Pux is the world's first power-supplied quick release bracket for today's GPS guided trolling motors. Each Power Pux kit includes an integrated power plug within the assembly for a clean and protected electrical connection with your trolling motor. It is designed to fit most pre-drilled trolling motor mounting bracket patterns and makes for an easy retrofit with your current quick release product. Check out the install process.

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The Power Pux Advantage


No cords or exposed connections to worry about. Just slide your trolling motor in place and it's powered up!


Our integrated electrical connection provides protection from the elements and a clean front deck for fishing.


We have selected the right materials to withstand the elements and rigors of the marine environment.


It's as simple as sliding your trolling motor on and locking it in place. We guarantee you'll be glad you chose Power Pux!


I have been out a few times and love the puck. It’s so easy to mount and dismount!  During flood season here I took the TM on and off multiple times and it was a cinch.  My deck stays clean and it certainly helps w fly fishing.   Love my power puck! 

Jamey Hornbuckle

Finally pulled the troller off for a sandbar trip. Man your setup is so clean.... truly a game changer! So happy I went this direction! 

Steve Goethel

Finally, a solution to clear my deck of the unsightly power cord. Removing/installing my trolling motor is a breeze with no deck cord to fumble with. A must for anglers who demand a clean, functional and hassle free experience.

Charlie Franck

I really like the Pux. It works perfectly and without a wire. It’s really nice.

Steve Seinberg

Your product is revolutionary

Jeffrey Kline

Badass product! Nice to make the ad. Check them out if you are in the market for a quick release or plug for your boat. The cleanest approach to a trolling motor! If you want to see how great they are in person on the Alabama gulf coast hit me up! 

Sam Glass

Limited Three-Year Warranty


Made in USA