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Sam Glass

"Creativity and innovation are making what so many of us have dreamed of having. Well done! Look forward to getting my boat back with this new addition!"

"Badass product! Nice to make the ad. Check them out if you are in the market for a quick release or plug for your boat. The cleanest approach to a trolling motor! If you want to see how great they are in person on the Alabama gulf coast hit me up!"

- Sam Glass

Capt. Jerry Perez

"I believe this product will change fishing with trolling motors as we know it and I am glad that I’m a part of testing it to see what abuse it can take."

"It just works, which is what we are looking for as fishermen."

- Capt. Jerry Perez

Merritt McCullough
“It’s the easiest trolling motor to take off and install.”

- Merritt McCullough

Jeffrey Kline
“Your product is revolutionary.”

- Jeffrey Kline

Steve Seinberg
 “I really like the Pux. “It works perfectly and without a wire. It’s really nice.”

- Steve Seinberg

Charlie Franck
“Finally, a solution to clear my deck of the unsightly power cord. Removing/installing my trolling motor is a breeze with no deck cord to fumble with. A must for anglers who demand a clean, functional and hassle-free experience.”

- Charlie Franck

Jim Sheehan
"I saw my boat! (In the ad) Loving my Power Pux BTW!"

- Jim Sheehan

Jamey Hornbuckle
"I have been out a few times and love the puck. It’s so easy to mount amd dismount!  During flood season here I took the TM on and off multiple times and it was a cinch.  My deck stays clean and it certainly helps w fly fishing.   Love my power puck!" 

- Jamey Hornbuckle

George Aragon
"Love not having any wires exposed."

- George Aragon

Steve Goethel
"Finally pulled the troller off for a sandbar trip. Man your setup is so clean.... truly a game changer! So happy I went this direction!"

- Steve Goethel